There’s something about being out in the garden early in the morning before sunrise, under a shady cherry tree. Something about the cool breeze, birds singing & bathing enjoying their seeds, roosters down the road calling good morning to all, the dew sparkling as small fragments of light reflect from it’s drops, watching butterflies dance and flutter with happiness as they discover the beauty I’m creating for them…As I’m working on my bee/butterfly sanctuary garden, & as I began digging and planting under the cherry tree I became overwhelmed with a feeling & sense of empowerment. I greatly empathized with the tiredness of said tree, & it’s dissatisfaction, boredom, & loneliness were palpable…It’s almost as if it whispers a faint sigh of relief while I plant ferns & seeds beneath her. I can feel it all the way down into my bones that I’m being called to educate others on the importance of restoring, recycling, and preserving what’s left of our Earth. Although so much seems and feels hopeless especially in current times & in this country’s current state…Sometimes through the foggy midst of chaos—-We often forget to notice or perhaps think about the little things we can do to better our surroundings & perhaps ourselves…In doing so re-builds & rectifies our purpose, our duties, & our sense of self as well as our sense of community. We are only visitors of Earth, we do not own it & we must not destroy it. We have the power to do good things, to do positive things if we choose too that is…Beauty will grow in the most unexpected of places. Bask in it’s patience & learn from its forgiveness.

#art #photography #japanesecherryblossomtree

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