Today we agreed to try a little experiment for at least a week…We are going vegan. I have taken on this diet before in the past & I remember how different I felt. I could tell a major shift in my natural energy, my overall physical & mental clarity, my skin—everything. I’ve never been too keen on eating meats specifically…It doesn’t typically agree with my digestive system & I usually find it completely repulsive. The texture, the smell, where it comes from, how it’s processed…During this experiment I am going to focus on exploring different meat substitutes to prove that they are just as good,  if not better. I want to focus on the minute details that often make a huge impact on the food that we consume. The spices, the sauces, the ingredients. I want to reap ALL of the benefits. I’ve been heavily researching some of the “cons” people often associate with the vegan diet and from my little past experience and what I have read & seen on documentaries…These cons are often nothing more than excuses. “It’s too expensive,” “You won’t get enough protein.” “Things don’t taste the same.” If you put your focus, thought, and dedication into your food choices you learn how to shop smart. You learn the benefits of plant based foods and how you can make them taste and prepared to your liking. It’s trial and error. Investing in your health and well being is never something to debate. Food is meant to be consumed in it’s natural form. It’s meant to fuel the body and mind. I am beyond ready for purity and replenishment.

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