IMG_20170105_140932.jpgHer eyes full and bright, sparkled oceanic against the dullness of the dreary sky…The first snowflake she’s ever witnessed danced elegantly through the chilled wind as it gently kissed the apple of her cheek. I gazed as wonderment crept upon her face with intensity…Wide eyed with eagerness they quickly shifted to the sky filled of bright grays. I endured her senses like a magnet as they instantaneously took over my own. She was empowered by the newness and in awe of this magical moment. She then shifted vigorously toward me with such precious innocence, as if i were the cause of such exciting magic. It was in that very moment that my life vividly flashed before me like a time lapse. This is the meaning of life, this is a new beginning, these are dreams forming, this is presence shaping, I hold this life in my arms that depends on me to be her guide. There is nothing more fulfilling than that. It was in that moment that I found myself, that I believed in my purpose…That I discovered the beauty of creation. Even if the sky appears to be clouded with winter gloom, today and everyday it looks clear and humblingly still. ❄ #myphotography #mywriting #babysfirstsnow #beinspired #wordsofawanderer #writeyourheartout #forthewandering #wintersoul

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