I strongly believe that once you start focusing on your aspirations, and fearlessly follow whatever paths they may lead; not only do you physically see things in your life begin to change, but you feel them changing as well. It could be in a spiritual way, an intuitive sense, or in a premonition perhaps. Since embarking on my personal journey of self growth, I’ve experienced that the only thing ever constant is change. I’ve learned that while I am inevitably enduring an uncomfortable feeling or situation…It’s when I’m at my lowest most vulnerable moments that I’m really my strongest, most resilient self. There’s power in vindicating yourself through perseverance. With that being said, yesterday I was feeling inexplicably out of sorts, and I just had this gut feeling that something was uncontrollablyΒ  coming my way. I’ve noticed that when you begin to clear the clutter from corners of your mind that naturally, you become more susceptible to clairvoyance. That’s how you know you’re gaining balance in your life…when you can feel things as they are happening or before they do. Although I didn’t sleep well last night, and my anxiety left me in a dissaray of thoughts, I woke up this morning to find the message I’ve attached below:


It instantly soothed me, and reminded myself that I’m feeling this way because something greater is coming. If I allow it to take hold of my spirit that is. What the moon does with the tide it also does with our energy, if you release yourself to manifest and bask in it’s healing light. Take today to reevaluate things or persons in your life that you’re potentially avoiding or that may be causing you any pain or discomfort. Whether it be a job, a friend or significant other, a family member, a habit, anything no matter how big or small a role it has, still affects us greatly. Discover your power, YOU control your destiny, and YOU control the outcome no matter what has happened. Everything stems from self, and in return comes solace. What you allow is what will continue.
#wordsofawanderer #moonchild #writeyourheartout #forthewandering #fullmoon #wordsofwisdom

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