“Fall reminds us how beautiful it is to let dead things go.”




But first…Let me take a sip of this PSL.


“There is something beautiful and revitalizing about October. When the leaves fall the world is surrendering. Letting go of pieces and parts that can no longer serve in a positive way. Trees hold strong to their core and survive the storms; but every good tree knows that as time goes by, the leaves come back and we all get to start again.”


Fall hues, cool-ish weather, rainy days, mums, pumpkins, pumpkin spice. Fall is near & I will never not indulge fully in all of the fruit you bare.



“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”


“You fell in love with my flowers but not my roots…So when autumn came you didn’t know what to do.”

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Freckles, scars, veins…What many people consider imperfections or insecurities & often mask, are what I think are most beautiful. Individuality, being alive, being human. Details are always sufficient.

#flowers #photography #pink #orchids #love #art #writing


It’s all burning inside, greater than a fickle flame in darkness—-brighter than glowing embers of logs turning to ash. Setting the old, the hurts, the negative a blaze, celebrating what once was but is no longer…From smoke, from ashes, from darkness, from ruin is where beauty rises—-where it lives. A blank canvas, a new beginning, a chance to manifest love, to create something light that allows you to feel safe. After the ashes comes me. Writing, making music, painting, creating, feeling, seeing, believing, being…This is what deciphers who I am. Art is me. Art defines me, I don’t define it.