Visions of love.

It’s a feeling so benign, when someone you never knew you were meant to find appears

How I wish my younger self could say it’s worth the wait—the patience…

That one day you’ll meet someone who will love you for everything that you were taught to hate about yourself

Through fate, someone will teach you that you should never dull who you are

That everything you possess fits with someone else’s stars

The same constellation

When you find it, you see things differently

You finally feel like you’re meant to be unapologetically you

Whether it’s too much or not enough

Or a set back or nothing to back it up

It’s that rawness, that vulnerability

It’s that part of you that you’ve always mocked as incompatibility

That’s what you’ve accepted and embraced

When someone comes out from your hiding and lights up everything that’s inside of you

You glow with a new light

Not one that’s fake with lime

One that’s awakening everything you thought you should hide

And that’s what you do

But you don’t even know that you’ve changed my life

I look at you and I see myself intertwined

Like I’m the most beautiful and fragile find

And that’s why you love me

Because you see me differently

You see me as strong in that way

and that’s why I want you to stay

You make me believe for the first time

That someone can appreciate everything that’s mine

Someone I can give the good along with the bad and they still remain kind

I love every part of your soul

Even if I don’t know it all yet

But I already know that the bad parts I don’t know, I’ll never regret

You feel safe

I don’t know if I’m a safe bet

I’m betting I’m not

But you…I’m betting you are

Your freckles lay out the constellation I look for in stars

Something that guides me

You’re the most beautiful constellation or even complication that I’ve ever seen

Something that finally follows something or anything…like I’ve never felt before.

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In this exact moment I somehow feel empty yet whole at the same time.

I can’t help but respect this side of myself that’s tiredly, trying to find its way back to life.

There were two opposing skies divided on either side of me this morning.

Uniquely and eerily parallel

both slightly mocking the movement of an hour glass.

They represented my brittle, tattered journeys.

The great divide.

To my right, a full moon carefully kissed the quiet hills blemished of snow

with a soft, & just—-peacefulness.

I loved the way that ice reflected this bitter but gleaming chill of solitude dwelling within.

To the left lay the most beautiful sunrise I’ve witnessed.

It represented itself as nothing I’d ever seen or felt before.

The burning of that soft, dimly lit rainbow

had somehow awakened and replenished my broken, worn soul.

I felt every color boldly displaying itself

but slowly melting and molding together so effortlessly.

I don’t know if the sky was dancing

If the heavens of the universe were showing what’s beyond its clouds

or if someone painted it there for me to see.

All I know is that it chose to stream flawlessly across that Kentucky sky the way it did

while breathing it’s life into my sleepless eyes.

It was there to let me know

that I’m not only awake and dreaming

but alive and free.

As bare tree tops glistened against dawn

as that fierce moon retired long after dusk

I realized that I do belong.

I do have a place and I am aligning with purpose.

I and infinity have become one.

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